I was born in Cincinnati Ohio in 1946 and received a BA from Miami University of Ohio and a Master's degree in painting and art history from Pratt Institute. I began my career as an artist in NY City and later moved upstate where I pursued my developing passion for fine woodworking and furniture making. I immersed myself in the study of various furniture traditions, most notably Shaker, Greene and Greene, Ruhlmann, Biedermeier, Chinese and Japanese. I became particularly intrigued by the beautiful working properties of fine Japanese hand tools, and acquired a proficiency in their use that has become a distinctive element in my craftsmanship. I began my full-time furniture career in the mid 70's, initially showing at juried Craft Shows.  ( Continue bio )
Later I exhibited in a number of shows at the prestigious Pritam and Eames Gallery on Long Island. My work was in Fine Woodworking Magazine's Design Book 1 and has been featured in Fine Homebuilding Magazine. I've done custom furniture exclusively since the mid 80's, enjoying the challenges presented by the wide variety of styles and techniques my commissions demanded, as shown by the sample portfolio. My specialty, though, remains working in natural wood, drawing from the spectacular collection I have been acquiring over the past 25 years. The satisfaction is not solely in building a beautiful piece. It's the whole process: connecting with the new client, understanding what they want and helping them to clarify their ideas. The fun is, then, to see if I can make a piece that meets or exceeds their expectations.
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Richard Cohen in his workshop