One of Dottie Watrin's Siamese cats in its custom-built pagoda  

The Story of the Cat Pagoda

In the spring of 2009 I received a call from Dottie Watrin of Cambridge, MA. She told me she had 3 Siamese cats and she wanted a structure a bit larger than the size of a cat travel box with doors for her living room. She said it would contain the cats when the cleaners came or just be a place for them to hang out at other times.
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Custom cat pagoda - picture 2   She said it should be fancy with a little ornate color — perhaps in a pagoda form. She liked pictures of other work I had done and decided to grant me a lot of creative freedom. This little teak and black walnut pagoda is the result.
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Custom cat pagoda - picture 3   Dottie suggested that there are undoubtedly many cat, dog and other pet lovers who would be interested in some form of special house for their pets. That encouraged me to offer a new category CUSTOM PET PALACES on my website.

This is really a very open-ended opportunity for pet lovers to explore with me unique projects for their pets.
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